Drag & drop

In addition to the context-sensitive functions , drag & drop is also one of the most important control elements of the onion.net editor.

Drag & drop is a method for moving graphic elements in a (web) application using a mouse. An item can be dragged and then released over a possible destination.

You use drag & drop in the onion.net editor for two different purposes:

  • Organisation of structure : Changing the order and the nesting of objects in the structure tree
  • Linking : Simple placing of links within the free text editor or for reference fields.

The system gives immediate acknowledgment in all significant places of a drag & drop operation:

  • Highlighting of the object
  • Visualisation of dragging
  • Displaying where the object can be dropped
  • Acknowledgment when dropping

The following example shows how drag & drop is used to modify the order in the structure tree, to place an internal link and to embed an object (here: contact form) into another one (here: new web page).

See example