onion.net - CMS and more ...

The model-based Content Management System on W3C Standards and Microsoft .NET Technology 

onion.net is CMS and more - the innovative Content Management Framework for agile projects with unlimited expandability. onion.net delivers what so many content managers ask for: performance, performance, performance.

A comfortable user interface, no-time deployment, and quick delivery of dynamic web pages are top requirements on many content managers’ list of wishes. The onion.net CMS, that is entirely based on up-to-date open standards, reaches the seemingly unobtainable. It is robust and reliable at the same time; the quality you expect from “Made in Germany”.

Forward thinking enterprises are leveraging the web technology to bring their interactive business processes to mobile devices and desktops. The process-oriented onion.net is supporting this innovation in many ways, and establishes a better link between content and commerce. The onion.net E-Commerce Integration is set to optimize the storefront experience with leading e-commerce systems. More integration packages are available to integrate the onion.net CMS with third party business software, e. g. Microsoft SharePoint® .