Sustainable into the future

The model-driven web development of takes you securely into Web 3.0 or whatever else may still come yet. For has integrated innovative ability.

The principle is simple:

  • You devise an information model
  • automatically generates your editor from this
  • You maintain content, structure and access rights, all of which you can do comfortably and securely with your easy-to-operate editor
  • If necessary, you can easily adapt your information model – even during operation
  • you can naturally describe output onto the web or other media and formats with XSL using the editor operates quickly, reliably and economically on the basis of current technologies and standards.


This has been again confirmed by a jury of experts who had been appointed by the German Initiative Mittelstand (SME Initiative) to award the innovation prize for IT for the 11th time this year. The jury nominated the CMS as a potential winner in the category "Content Management". finished with an honorable second place, being the best CMS platform "Made in Germany".

A key demand that is addressed by the platform is real time integration of content management and third party software, in order to establish flexible "best-of-breed" solutions . At we are convinced, that sustainable content management solutions shall ask for more (and more seemless) integration in the future. Much more, than one might conclude from a view into the web's past.

The top-level jury recognized the outstanding integration potential of by awarding another three of the prestigious "BEST OF 2014" signets to:

The CMS experts are happy with this great recognition of their outstanding work. promises to continue to provide intelligent and innovative solutions.