InSite editing

Content management becomes as simple as surfing the Internet with InSite editing . Even occasional users and non-technicians are very willing to work with the Content Management System, because they achieve their targets successfully and effortlessly with InSite editing.

You can use InSite Editing as a navigation aid and access the desired content directly from the web page in the editor . All relevant editor functions are then available there as usual.

You can work with Insite Editing even more easily if the web developer has entered additional processing functions in the context menu for you. You will then even get by without an editor for many functions.

We shall now show you this using the Contoso project as an example. Look at how, using InSite Editing,

  • the logo of the web page is changed
  • the colour scheme of the web page is adapted to the logo colours
  • a so-called KeyVisual is loaded and processed
  • content supplied for display on the web page is selected
  • a teaser is changed on the homepage

Example: InSite Editing