Search engine optimisation

The process to write contents in a clever and search engine-friendly ( SEF ) manner is often referred to as search engine optimisation ( SEO ). Quite clearly this cannot be done automatically as yet. The desired effect, namely a prominent ranking with Google and other search engines, quite often depends on the combination of all possible SEO measures. And this is were offers ideal assistance.

Search engines, Google above all else, evaluate path and file names when ranking. It is therefore important that the URL of each web page (i.e. the address which you type into the address line of the browser) contains the most important key words indicating the page and arranging them into an overall context.

The URI format is prepared for search engine-friendly URLs . The nice thing here is: The only thing you have to do is to designate your objects wisely. does everything else for you. By looking at the URLs of this site you can see how your URLs too could look.

By the way: If, for individual documents, you need URLs other than those generated by the system, then you can revert to quicklinks.