Inheritance of objects

On many websites there are elements which are inherited downwards in the structure. The best example is probably a contact field.

Generally speaking there is a central contact which users can turn to with general questions. Enterprises frequently indicate the dialling extension of the head office and an email addresse in the form of The contact field is then displayed either at the end of the page or somewhere on the side.

The same contact field is then also on pages of the second and third level. On subpages which deal with a special topic, there is frequently an explicit partner for this topic. This could be a member of sales staff or a technical specialist within whose scope of responsibility the topic falls that is dealt with on the page. This special contact is then also displayed on pages underneath until it is overwritten by another special contact. One can summarise as follows: A contact is inherited downwards in the hierarchy until another contact overwrites it (or if no contact is to be displayed explicitly).

This form of object inheritance is of course not limited to contacts. Area diagrams can also be inherited in the structure, download fields, functional areas or teasers. No boundaries are imposed on your imagination.

Incidentally, we have applied the inheritance of a screenshot along the subnavigation for you with the menu option user and rights management .