• Microsoft .NET Framework
    Scalable client/ server application on the basis of Windows services and ASP.NET. Communicate services over an extensive client API.
  • Cache
    Extended caching for the speediest delivery of contents. The post processing model allows the dynamic applications to be placed in cached pages.
  • XML schema
    All contents are compiled by means of the generic editor on the basis of XML schema. All information is valid at any time per definition.
  • Transactional mass revision of contents
    The modification of an XML schema is possible at runtime using transformation scripts for the revision of the inventory data.
  • XML-based transformation languages
    XSLT is used for the entire presentation logic. The information processing does not differentiate between contents, structure or meta data here.
  • Content delivery
    Support of different output channels (e.g. web, mobile devices, print version, PDF, XML e.g. for Flash applications).
  • Referential integrity
    Provides for the correctness and consistency of the relations between the objects, the system itself prevents internal "broken links" (http 404 error).