Context-sensitive functions

It is amazing for a system of this scale how tidy the interface of the editor looks. The interface is not cluttered, but streamlined and functional. There are only very few buttons and no menu bars. In order to make this possible, makes intensive use of drag & drop and context menus.

You will know context menus from your everyday work on the computer. In the case of graphic user interfaces a context menu is an interaction object which offers the selection of different actions to the user for a certain context. In general, the context menu is opened in the proximity of the mouse pointer as a pop-up by clicking the second (right-hand) mouse button. is context-sensitive , i.e. special context menus are displayed depending on the clicked object. When looking at the following example please observe how the context menu controls which types of object you can create where. You can find out more about this in the paragraph about structures as information storage mediums .

See example