Duden spell and grammar check

With the "Duden Corrector for onion.net" the leading spell and grammar checker for the German-speaking world has been integrated directly in the onion.net editor. The new cloud-based module for the Duden spell checker ensures that any structured content can be checked at any time for the latest spelling rules.

An award winning product

The expert jury of the Initiative Mittelstand (SME Initiative) awarded the prestigious "BEST OF 2014" signet to the Duden Corrector for onion.net: »This outstanding product did particularly convince the jury and thus belongs to the top group of over 5000 submitted entries  

Business Value

  • Ensure a consistent quality of your writing
  • Save time and money
  • Improve the efficiency of your copy-editing
  • Support consistent and professional campaigns
  • Improve your image and credibility

Benefits of the Duden correction solution

  • Text correction according to latest spelling rules
  • Uniform correction settings for all users
  • Can be used as licensed client-server solution (purchase solution) or as "software as a service" on demand (hosted solution)
  • Uniform quality standards in online and offline texts


The test performance of the Duden solution for the German language reflects the current state of linguistic possibilities which are without a doubt impressive: They include a comprehensive spelling, grammar and style check for German, take five different checking styles into account (progressive, conservative, tolerant, Duden recommendation and press), and distinguish between three language versions (Germany, Switzerland and Austria). Different extension and exception dictionaries are supported for single users, user groups, departments, or whole companies. It goes without saying that the test results are in accordance with the currently applicable spelling rules.

Duden currently supports the following languages:

Language Scope
German (Germany) spell and grammar checker
German (Austria) spell and grammar checker
German (Switzerland) spell and grammar checker
English spell checker
English (UK) spell checker
English (U.S.) spell checker
French spell checker
Italian spell checker
Spanish spell checker


The Duden Corrector for onion.net applies the Duden correction software on onion.net documents. onion.net documents are structured by a set of elements and attributes, which might have been specifically configured according to project-specific requirements. A "document" in this context denotes the set of information which is processed in the progressive forms of the editor and checked-out, edited and stored as a whole, or a subset thereoff which is displayed in the same "tab". In the example illustrated, it is all the information in the tab "content".

To avoid meaningless tests (example: item numbers), the tested contents can be configured at the level of attributes and elements. Some customers may need an allocation of fees to their individual cost centers. This is supported by the assignment of documents types to individual accounts. It is also possible to configure several custom dictionaries. This can be useful, for example, when marketing information and technical descriptions use different language styles.


The Duden Corrector for onion.net is based on the onion.net module system. Any individual onion.net project running on onion.net 4.0 (or later versions) can be rapidly enhanced with the Duden Corrector for onion.net. Only a few simple steps need to be done by the supporting web-developer:

  • Download and install the module
  • Configure the account(s) data
  • Configure the custom dictionaries
  • Configure which elements and attributes are to be checked

A basic prerequisite is access (by webservices) to a Duden Enterprise Server, which can run in a virtual machine on premise, at your hosting partner, or in the cloud.

Next steps

  • Experience a live demo of the solution in a webmeeting. Establish contact now to arrange an appointment at your soonest convenience.