Most CMS manufacturers have tried to guess your requirements and to find the best solution for these. The different opinions and experiences of the teams of developers have led to different systems. You therefore now “only” have to find the CMS which meets your requirements. And what if requirements change?

With this approach, many functionalities and options are implemented which you will never need for your project. Operating is often made confusing through this. It is more of a problem if you discover a requirement which the developers did not expect. The necessary functionality is lacking, since the system is not normally designed to grow along with your requirements.

The subsequent implementation of missing functionalities is usually only possible with external advisers and is at the very least a question of time and money. Predefined functionalities therefore limit your innovative ability. A substantial distinguishing feature between CMS solutions is therefore the extent to which you are limited in the type of information to be processed and the possible output channels and formats.

The vision is not based on assumptions concerning your requirements and functionalities derived from this. offers you the greatest possible flexibility with its new approach of model driven content management – so CMS and more!